Our creation of leather products started as an effort to produce functional, high-quality leather goods that we wanted to use ourselves. All of our products are created to be functional for every day use. As outdoor enthusiasts we feel our accessories are the perfect fit for a busy lifestyle and any outdoor pursuits such as biking, hiking, fishing and skiing. We embrace the concept of rethinking minimalist design with the utmost quality materials for optimal functionality at the core of our business as well as our daily lives. Durability, ruggedness, functionality and simplicity—these are our cornerstones of our designs.

We exclusively use American Bison hides to create extremely durable goods which are all produced by hand. Bison is 30-40% greater in strength than traditional cow hide. 

All of our leather goods are cut, stitched and riveted by hand and finished with precise detail in the Colorado Rockies. Our thread and hardware are also produced in the USA. We firmly believe that the character, strength and longevity of Bison leather perfectly embodies the attitude and lifestyles of the American West, with a clean contemporary twist. Each item we create is truly unique owing to the organic nature of our Full-Grain Bison leather. 

Our handmade products last a long time for several reasons: high-quality leather, strong brass hardware and thread, hand stitching using the saddle stitch, our attention to detail and an artistic approach. We invite you to invest in something that is made in USA and will last a lifetime.

It is essential for consumers to be knowledgable about their purchases and the understanding of superior vs inferior leather products and types of leather. How does a shopper know what to look for in leather goods? For high-quality leather, it all begins with the grade category of the leather and how it has been constructed and/or processed. These factors determine the leather’s strength, durability, and wearability or patina over use and time. If you want your leather to look good and stand up to the test of time, you need to select high-grade leather such as our FULL-GRAIN BISON.

 Leather grades to know and understand are:

This is the upper layer of a hide which is split into layers by a splitting machine to various thickness. This outer layer will show natural scars and haircell patterns if left as uncorrected natural grain. The thickness can vary depending on the gauge set at the time of splitting and the application. Thereafter the hides can be colored & given various protective finishes. These are the best types of leather as they are the strongest and most durable and valuable layer of hide. Full-Grain leather also develops a beautiful patina over time. (To even further the durability of our products, we exclusively use Bison leather which is 30-40% greater in strength, due to the lack of stretching for larger square footage like cow hide).

Hides which have an excessive amount of scratches or scars are further processed by “correcting” the natural grain of a Full-Grain skin. After splitting to the required thickness, this natural grain is buffed or sanded and replaced with an embossed grain and finish to simulate various hair cell patterns. The resulting effect will look flawless with no natural scars showing, but this is no longer the real or natural grain. The original feel or hand of the natural skin and durability is also reduced with a synthetic grain and finish. Many applications for shoe and handbag leather are embossed with unique exotic prints to simulate the look as well. 

The second layer or lower layer of the skin left after removing the Full-Grain layer is the Split Suede and will be suede on both sides. These types of leathers also will come in various thickness depending on application. As this is a byproduct of hide tanning it is less costly. This layer of the skin can also be further processed by the application of a synthetic finish and hair cell to one side of the suede to create an artificial look of Full-Grain leather, known as “finished split” hide. This is used extensively in lower cost furniture and garments and represented as “Genuine Leather” which technically it still is, although it may look like something it is not.

Leather remnants and scraps from garment and shoe factories are ground up and recycled. In these types of leather the fiber particles are bonded with adhesive into a fabric followed by the application of a synthetic grain, hair-cell pattern and finish. This material will have a suede back and looks of smooth Full-Grain leather, while it is essentially particle board leather. As it is comprised of at least 51% leather fiber, it is represented as “Genuine Leather” and utilized in many low priced garment and upholstery finished products.   ***SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

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